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George Ronald Publisher
George Ronald Publisher


Authentic, Accurate and Inspiring Books on the Bahá'í Faith

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The Baha'i Faith and the World's Religions

Papers presented at Irfan Colloquia

by Moojan Momen (editor)

Papers comparing the Bahá’í Faith with other religions.

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The Eternal Quest for God

by Julio Savi

This book ranges over the whole field of Bahá'í sacred text to explore the deepest questions of life.

Towards the Summit of Reality

An introduction to Bahá’u’lláh’s Seven Valleys and Four Valleys

by Julio Savi

A major new study of these two important epistles, focusing on their historical, doctrinal and literary background and on Bahá’u’lláh’s revision of Sufi concepts in the light of the teachings of His new Revelation.

Unsheathing the Sword of Wisdom

Reflections on Human Rights and Terrorism

by Julio Savi

This survey of human rights issues summarizes the many proposals made by the Bahá’í International Community concerning the human rights system, whose enforcement could assist in improving the application of human rights throughout the world, and thus in solving the complex question of terrorism.

4 items found - Page: 1