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Authentic, Accurate and Inspiring Books on the Bahá'í Faith

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Call Me Ridvan

by Wendi Momen

This is the story of how one young Bahá'í finds out how to cope with the problems of being different - and how he learns something about himself and his religion at the same time.

To Be a Father

compiled by Wendi Momen

Poems and passages about fatherhood. A companion to To Be a Mother.

To Be a Mother

by Wendi Momen

Poems and passages about motherhood. A companion to To Be a Father.

A Basic Baha'i Chronology

by Glen Cameron
and Wendi Momen

A year by year record of Bahá'í history from the 18th century to 1996.

A Basic Baha'i Dictionary

by Wendi Momen

Concepts and terms found in Bahá'í literature.

The Devotional Meeting

by Wendi Momen

A timely look at one of the three core-activities of the Five Year Plan.

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by Wendi Momen

Uses the Bahá'í scriptures as a focus for meditation.

Family Worship

compiled by Wendi Momen

A Selection of Bahá’í Prayers for the family.

To be Married

compiled by Wendi Momen

Verses from the holy scriptures, poets and thinkers about marriage. A companion to To Be a Mother and To Be a Father.

9 items found - Page: 1