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The Naming Of Femi's Brother

The Naming of Femi's Brother Book Cover

by Kiser Barnes

Femi's baby brother gets a special name in the traditional Yoruba naming ceremony.

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Among Femi's people, the naming of a child is a wonderful occasion. Besides making known the name of an infant, it is a special time to thank God and to celebrate the birth of the child.

This is a delightful children's story set among the Yoruba people of Nigeria.
Five-year-old Femi has a new brother, born only eight days ago. Now it is time to give the baby his name in a special naming ceremony, traditional to the Yoruba. Everyone is very excited, especially Femi.
But this is a naming ceremony with a difference. Femi and his family are Bahá'ís, and Femi's brother gets a very special name. We also learn how the Manifestations of God received their Names and Titles.

ISBN: 978-0-85398-232-6

32 pages, 15 illustrations
15 x 19 cm. (6 x 7.5 in)

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