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Lilly And Peggy

Lilly and Peggy Book Cover

by Ronald Tomanio

The story of one little girl's love for her dog. Illustrated by Malcolm Lee.


A story for young children - especially those who love dogs!
On Naw-Rúz Lilly goes down to the river with her dog, Peggy, and throws a bottle into the water.
Inside the bottle is a message that brings hope and joy to someone on the other side of the ocean. Soon Lilly finds that she, too, must draw strength from the message.
Ronald Tomanio became a Bahá'í at the Green Acre Bahá'í school in Maine when he was a youth. Later, he met his wife, Karen, at Green Acre; the couple have two daughters, Laurel and Julia. Ronald makes furniture for a living and began writing in 1994.
He wrote Lilly and Peggy sitting on the front porch of his home, which is next door to Green Acre.

ISBN: 978-0-85398-420-7

32 pages, numerous line drawings
25.5 x 17.6 cm (10 x 7 in)

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