Secrets of True Happiness - Second Edition
Secrets of True Happiness - Second Edition
Secrets of True Happiness - Second Edition
Farnaz, Bijan and Adib Masumian

Secrets of True Happiness - Second Edition

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What exactly do we mean by happiness? Is it attainable or only a wish? 

The authors make a convincing case that happiness is both real and attainable. 

If you know someone who wants a fabulous book that sets them on the path to happiness and resilience, despite the challenging times in which we live, The Secrets of True Happiness is the best gift possible. Farnaz, Bijan, and Adib Masumian have written the single most comprehensible and comprehensive book on the secrets of true happiness yet. . . This book is a vitamin pill for the soul and a ticket to a flourishing and meaningful life. . . I can easily state that this is the finest book on happiness that I have ever read with regard to both content, style, and potential to transform lives. Stephen G. Post PhD, Best-selling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People

The Secrets of True Happiness is perfect for anyone wanting to find all about the research on happiness in one place. A wonderful resource! M.J. Ryan Best-selling author of Attitudes of Gratitude and other books on happiness

About the Authors

They are a family of three: Farnaz (wife and mother), Bijan (husband and father), and Adib (son). In May 2019, Farnaz and Bijan celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  All three are interested in research and writing, but also have their own special interests and pursuits. As a family, they have tried to apply as many of the practices that have come out of their research as possible. 

Publication year of Second Edition: 2024
Soft cover
Print on Demand
Pages: 240 pages plus illustrations
Dimensions: 216 x 140 mm (8.5 x 5.5 ins)
Weight: 325 g
ISBN: 978-0-85398-663-8

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