Baha'i Pilgrimage - Pictoral Journey through the Holy Places
Denny Allen, Lesley Taherzadeh

Baha'i Pilgrimage - Pictoral Journey through the Holy Places

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With over 350 illustrations in full colour, this stunning book offers a taste of what it is like to be a Bahá'í pilgrim to the World Centre of the Bahá'í Faith in the Holy Land. It is is intended both for those who have been on pilgrimage and for those who have not yet been or who are unable to go. More than simply a photographic souvenir, it takes the reader on a guided pictorial journey bringing alive the history of the Holy Places and inviting meditation and reflection. An excellent gift choice.

Taking the reader on a guided pictorial journey and with over 350 full-colour illustrations, the book invites meditation and reflection. The commentary is by Lesley Taherzadeh, who served at the Baha'i World Centre as an official guide to the pilgrims for over a decade:

'As I saw it, my role was to facilitate their experience and to bring alive for them the history of the Holy Places, and then to stand back and let them each have their own individual experience.'

This book will make an excellent choice for a really special gift.

About the Authors

Denny Allen is a professional wildlife and scenic photographer currently living in South Africa. Published worldwide, he is represented by photographic stock libraries in New York, London and Cape Town and operates his own image library in Johannesburg. His bond with Africa developed through his grandparents John and Val Allen, long-time Bahá'í pioneers to the African continent, then through his parents Dwight and Carole Allen and his wife Beth, while his daughters Mandy and Carrie were both born in Zimbabwe. His photographs for this book were taken over a period 30 days at the Bahá'í World Centre.

Lesley Taherzadeh had the privilege of serving the pilgrims to the Bahá'í Holy Places in the Holy Land for over 14 years, accompanying them to the pilgrimage sites. She now lives in Northern Ireland. 

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