Balanced Living for Busy Baha'is
Catherine Brooker

Balanced Living for Busy Baha'is

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This practical time and life management book focuses on the unique circumstances of Bahá’í life. 

Life can be busy! Between our jobs, family and personal lives and service to the Faith, no wonder many Bahá’ís say they feel too busy.

Catherine Brooker (Samimi), the author who gave us Firesides, knows what it is like to be a busy Bahá’í. She also discovered ways to regain balance in her life amidst a hectic world. 

In Balanced Living for Busy Bahá’ís she helps us:

  • discover the kind of person we aspire to be
  • ensure that our most important goals are accomplished
  • find time we didn’t think we had
  • clutter-proof our homes and much more!

Invaluable time management strategies are offered for individuals, Assemblies, and new Bahá’ís. A must read for any busy Bahá’í!

Pages: 282
Dimensions: 186 x 123 mm (7 x 4.75 ins)
Weight: 292 g
ISBN: 978-0-85398-483-2

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