Life, on the Fence - An Autobiography
Marvin 'Doc' Holladay

Life, on the Fence - An Autobiography

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Sparkling with stories of familiar names from the world of jazz - Quincy Jones, Stan Kenton, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie - jazz musician 'Doc' Holladay's book challenges some of the preconceived ideas about jazz and explains why he as a white man finds himself at home within the African-American community.

Ethnomusicologist Marvin 'Doc' Holladay is a living legend in the world of jazz and Life, On the Fence is his urgently compelling life chronicle of the art form's continued evolution, race relations, humanitarianism and social justice from the period of the world's greatest war through today. His powerfully untold history of interpersonal and institutional relationships that includes such jazz world luminaries as Park 'Pepper' Adams, Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley, Nathaniel 'Nat' Adderley, Quincy Jones, John Birks 'Dizzy' Gillespie completes the picture of 'American Classical Music' that the world - until now - has been waiting for! Alvin Holman, Jazzways Entertainment, Inc.

In a most familiar, readable, authentic voice, Doc has narrated the highlights of a life that is filled with wit, pathos, struggle, humility and devotion. Though having spent his life in close collaboration with some most influential and famed musicians that America has produced (himself not the least of these), Doc hardly presents himself as a celebrity, though he has every right to claim such status. Instead, his autobiography, like Doc himself, is honest, endearing and always interesting. John S. Hatcher, English Department, University of South Florida

Let me recommend Marvin 'Doc' Holladay and his autobiography with a deep personal respect for a first class musician and a first class human being. Doc's story includes most of the great jazz orchestra's ever, from Ellington to Kenton to Dorsey, from Mingus to Ella Fitzgerald to Dizzy Gillespie, who called Doc 'one of the greats of jazz'. Michael Fitzgerald

The story of Doc Holladay is both typical of the American jazzman's life, and unique unto itself. It tells of a musician dedicated beyond mere commitment, soulful as few others, and talented beyond compare. In his relative general public obscurity, yet renowned within musician's circles, Marvin 'Doc' Holladay has attained a lofty plateau of artistic expressionism which is quite evident upon hearing him play. But it is his even higher achievement as a human being that is perfectly documented in the pages of his autobiography. It is a must read for every jazz fan, and social scientists alike. Michael G. Nastos WEMU-FM All Music Guide Cadence Magazine

An insider's view of the world of jazz, and a near-mythic account of its origins, are integrated into the tale of an authentic American idealist's life and his struggle with art and (as a white man) with racism. Deeply felt spiritual truths are expressed in honest homespun prose that engages the reader. David Daniels, Music director, Warren Symphony and Prof. Emeritus, Oakland University (Michigan).

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