Processes of the Lesser Peace - Essays on World Peace and Global Governance
Processes of the Lesser Peace - Essays on World Peace and Global Governance
Barbek Bahador, Nazila Ghanea

Processes of the Lesser Peace - Essays on World Peace and Global Governance

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Is Peace Possible?

Universal peace has been the goal and dream of humanity for centuries. Yet it has remained elusive: the upheavals, wars and terrorism of the last and present centuries seem to belie the possibility of its achievement.

Bahá’ís expect peace to come in stages. First, a Lesser Peace, ‘a political unity arrived at by decision of various governments of the world’ during which the unity of nations will be achieved, and then, over time, the Most Great Peace, ‘the spiritual as well as social and political unity of mankind’.

Bahá’ís believe that the Lesser Peace is gradually being established. Just why they believe this and how this is happening is explored in this collection of essays presented at conferences of the Bahá’í Politics and International Law Special Interest Group of the Association of Bahá’í Studies, English-Speaking Europe by academics and practitioners in the fields of international law, the environment, government and economics.

The essays are:

  • Bahá’í Proposals for the Reformation of World Order by Jeffrey Huffines
  • The Establishment of the Lesser Peace by Babak Bahador
  • The Environment and the Lesser Peace by Arthur Lyon Dahl
  • The Spiritual Destiny of America and the Achievement of World Peace by John Huddleston
  • Collective Security as a Means of Ensuring Peace Among the Nations: The Contribution of the Bahá’í Faith by Danesh Sarooshi
  • An International Legal Order by Rod Rastan
  • Global Governance: Has a Paradigm Shift in World Government Theory Brought the Lesser Peace Closer? by Daniel Wheatley
  • ‘Everything That Rises Must Converge’: Global Governance and the Emergence of the Lesser Peace by Charles Lerche

All highlight the incremental developments that are challenging and transforming our interstate system to the global one envisioned by Bahá’u’lláh, the Founder of the Bahá’í Faith.

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