Radio Baha'i Ecuador - How Radio Baha'i Preserved Local Culture in its Area.
Radio Baha'i Ecuador - How Radio Baha'i Preserved Local Culture in its Area.
Kurt John Hein

Radio Baha'i Ecuador - How Radio Baha'i Preserved Local Culture in its Area.

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Social and economic development, a concept inherent in the Bahá'í Faith, has as its purpose the transformation of the planet into a united and peaceful world community in which the dignity and rights of every people are upheld and the benefits of each culture are available to all. This was given new impetus in the 1970s as Bahá'í communities began to explore ways in which their efforts to achieve this might be extended to the widest number of people. One of these was the Bahá'í community of Ecuador, and its special project was Radio Bahá'í.

'Radio Bahá'í Ecuador' traces the evolution of this, the first Bahá'í radio station, from its conception as a way to communicate with Bahá'ís living in remote areas to its emergence as the primary link among the widespread peoples of the Ecuadorian countryside. Based on such principles as the oneness of mankind, the dignity of every human culture, and participation, Radio Bahá'í, Ecuador, has become the main transmitter of local heritage, music and information in its broadcast area.

In addition to the usual radio programmes of music and news, Radio Bahá'í has initiated a series of self-help programmes, aimed at local farmers, while other broadcasts are designed to enable a population largely without telephones or other means of communication to contact one another.

Radio Bahá'í, Ecuador looks at the scriptural bases for social and economic development as well as the way in which the radio station has become a major influence among the rural peoples of Ecuador.

Kurt Hein's simple style and lack of jargon makes Radio Bahá'í, Ecuador a useful introduction to this new range of Bahá'í literature.

Kurt Hein was born in San Francisco and took his BA in Community Service and Public Affairs at the University of Oregon. In 1974 he received a M.Ed in Deaf Education from Lewis and Clark College. He was awarded a PhD in Development Communication by Northwestern University in 1985.

Since 1985 Mr Hein has been the General Manager of WLGI-Radio Bahá'í, located in rural South Carolina, USA. He is also a consultant to governmental and non-profit agencies for international broadcasting and community development activities.

Mr Hein became a Bahá'í in 1969 and is married With two children.

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