Sexuality, Relationships and Spiritual Growth
Agnes Ghaznavi

Sexuality, Relationships and Spiritual Growth

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How the new vision in human development by the Baha'i Faith encourages personal growth and the enrichment of relationships.

Is there any ready solution for all the difficulties people encounter today in their relationships and sexual aspirations? Up to now, none have proven to work over time.

The vision of the Baha’i Faith is one of evolution and progressive human development, of capacities blossoming in both women and men, of new opportunities offered by an evolving society, of a society enriched by those feminine qualities which in the past have been generally confined to the home. It suggests that whenever problems build up the answer is to combine consultation with the desire of both partners to grow as persons and in the relationship, then for them to seek sexual adjustment in this new context.

Those willing to follow this new vision in relationships, and in fulfilling their sexual needs, will be recompensed with personal growth and the enrichment of their relationship.

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