Some Baha'is to Remember
O. Z. Whitehead

Some Baha'is to Remember

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A dozen portraits of early Bahá'ís from the first days in America, England, Japan and Australasia.

This book, like its predecessor Some Early Bahá’ís of the West, is a collection of short biographical sketches of some of the Western Bahá’ís of the earlier years of this century. It also tells the story of the first Japanese Bahá’í, and of the famous Bahá’í pioneers to Australia, Clara and Hyde Dunn.

Other distinguished names include the Hand of the Cause, Horace Holley; and there is a fascinating account of the early days of the Bahá’í community in Manchester including the period of Shoghi Effendi’s residence in England while he was at Oxford University. Once again the author has recaptured the heady atmosphere of those pioneering days and any reader interested in the Bahá’í Faith will catch something of the spirit which moved its early adherents.

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