Sunshine Tree - And Other Tales from Around the World
Wendy Heller

Sunshine Tree - And Other Tales from Around the World

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Children's stories from diverse countries and cultures that reflect universal themes appropriate to today's world.

‘Once upon a time there was a poor old woman who made her living by doing odd jobs and running errands for the farmers’ wives in her village. Although she did not earn much, with a bit of porridge at one house and a few potatoes at another, and a cup of tea at yet a third, she never went hungry and always looked as cheerful as if she were the luckiest woman in the world.’

The ‘luckiest woman in the world’, along with Chen the farmer, Anansi the spider, a covey of quarrelling quail, and a tortoise that talked too much, are some of the endearing and whimsical characters in this fascinating collection of nineteen tales gathered from the folktale traditions of the world.

Although these rare and unusual stories come from diverse countries and cultures including the Dagomba and Khoi-Khoi of Africa; the Eskimo, Miwok and Pueblo of North America; Japan, China, India, Britain and Scandinavia they all reflect universal themes especially appropriate to today’s world: the value of perseverance, kindness, contentment and unity, as well as the results of gossip, greed and vanity. Retold simply and vividly by Wendy Heller and illustrated with pencil drawings by Brian O’Neill, the tales are sure to captivate readers of all ages.

The book includes an appendix at the back, for teachers and parents, with suggestions for activities to follow the stories.

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