Tristan - Physically and mentally handicapped... socially and spiritually gifted
Tristan - Physically and mentally handicapped... socially and spiritually gifted
Suzanne Schuurman

Tristan - Physically and mentally handicapped... socially and spiritually gifted

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Anyone who has ever wondered 'How shall I live my life?' has something to learn from Tristan Schuurman. He was born physically and mentally handicapped. But socially and spiritually he was gifted.

The doctor paused.

'My advice to you is . . . find a good nursing institution and leave the child there. It will be well looked after.'

I looked at him, incredulous.

'Look,' he said forcefully, 'you are a young woman. If you keep this child your marriage will suffer. You won't be able to be a proper mother to your healthy children. He'll never be able to do anything . . . he's just a vegetable.'

'This is my son,' I said firmly. 'I could no more put him away and forget that I had him than I could put away my heart and tell it to stop beating.'

'We'll look after him,' Hubert said, weighing his words. 'He'll get better.'

The true story, told by his mother, of a courageous boy and his family who believed that where there is love, hope can grow. Tristan Schuurman did get better. His brain and liver were damaged but he walked and talked, laughed and loved and believed with a devotion that inspired all who knew him. His seventeen years were crammed with life of the highest order.

An uplifting and inspiring book.

A letter from the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of St. John's Newfoundland, Canada, setting out a few facts about Tristan Schuurman's life, first brought him to my attention. From the moment I read the letter, Tristan has lived in my consciousness as a vivid presence. He reinforces my understanding of how Abdu'l-Bahá exhorted us to live: in full commitment to the delights and responsibilities of our humanity and the earth we inhabit, and simultaneously in profound recognition that our world is an ash-heap, a dunghill, a place of preparation for spiritual realms which bestow only joy, and in which there is no separation. From the Foreword by Roger White

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