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PLEASE NOTE: Our website is currently unavailable due to a hardware issue with our internet providers.
George Ronald Publisher is 100% OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL.


If you want to order, please email us at (and cc

Please include the following information:

  • which books (title and author) you would like (and quantity)
  • your name
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  • your telephone number
  • whether you would prefer to be invoiced in UK Pounds £ (GBP) or US Dollars $ (USD)

We will send you an invoice with options of how to pay (including a paypal link for debit/credit cards).

Please be aware that we will add postage to the order.

Let us know if you need a current stock list of all of our titles.


We are aware that our website being down is greatly inconvenient to individual book lovers and larger book agencies alike. It is one of our highest priorities to get the site up and running again, and we appreciate your patience while we do this. Please be aware that George Ronald is run by a small number of very dedicated staff. Whilst this streamlining means we can offer you books at the most inexpensive price we can manage it also means we are limited in our resources. This in turn means that the website may not be up and running as quickly as a larger company would manage.


All questions and comments, please send to the above email address.


If you have a manuscript you wish to submit to us for review, then please email to the address above and request our manuscript submission document which will provide you with information on how to do this.


If you are wishing to ask permission to use material that George Ronald holds copyright for, please email to address above and include information about where the material is from including book title and page, and information of what you would like to use it for, including whether you expect to earn revenue or if it is not for profit.