Welcome to the NEW LOOK GR Books

We’ve been promising for some time now to update our website. Our previous website has served us well but finally we came to realise a complete re-vamp was needed.

We have over 300 titles available, all on Baha’i topics. The size of choice can be overwhelming so we have broken the books down into collections by theme and within the collections there is a ‘sort by’ drop down menu which will help you narrow the titles down further. Also, we will periodically post blogs to help guide you through and provide a little clarity. 

We hope the descriptions for each book will help and we are working bit by bit to post up the books contents page and a few pages of text to help you decide if it is the book for you. 

If you are sending a present then as soon as you have made the order send us an email and let us know at sales@grbooks.com and we can include a slip to say it is from you rather than a reciept with the cost on.

You can easily sign up to our emails on the home page, so that you’ll be the first to know about our new titles and special offers.

Learning about the Baha’i Faith is a journey that often feels more rewarding the further you go. Most of our authors have put in the hard work with many, many years of research and labour to give us a single book which is easily read in a month. We are so grateful to them.

We hope you enjoy the website and find just the right book for you.

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