Remember the Rainbow - (e-book £4.99)
Remember the Rainbow - (e-book £4.99)
Jacqueline Mehrabi

Remember the Rainbow - (e-book £4.99)

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Why, asked Hom, do I feel different from the animals? Because, said God, You ask the question 'why?' A book for all children who ask the question 'why?' Remember the Rainbow is the story of evolution from a Bahá'í viewpoint, in which science and religion go hand in hand.

The history of mankind is told from the beginning. There is the story of Omi who looks like an amoeba, Fin who swims in the shallow part of the sea and longs for the sun, Tad who dreams of running, Utang who feels he is not an ape at all, although he looks like one. And finally Man, who always forgets, until the time comes when his destiny calls him to recognize his kinship with all other members of the family of humankind.

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